Sunday, April 15, 2007

Should Imus be banned from talking, or his listeners from listening?

The words we use are important to the extent they impact. When I see and listen to one of these commentator programs I do not care much for what words they use but much more whether they are trying to reinforce the good within us or if they are just out looking to exploit the bad that we all also carry inside. In this respect, having the impression that Imus geared himself to belonging to the latter group, I can’t really say that I object too much he is now suffering some of his own medicine.

Now, saying that reminds us that it is not only the speaking of the words that counts but also how we listen to them. The real difficult and perhaps unsolvable problem for a society might then be that instead of barring some radio or TV hosts, which in their disrespectful, vulgar and highly censurable ramblings might nevertheless be providing a needed input to some or something, it might perhaps be better served by barring from listening those in the audience that might not be able to adequately digest what is being said, and that end up supporting it providing bodies to the rating numbers.

Now, before someone bars me for suggesting some supremacy inspired censorship let me make absolutely clear that the only real censorship I really defend is self-censorship, and we should all be more aware of the much good that can come from it, not the least lower ratings for unworthy programs.

But, this is indeed a very difficult issue and all those that believe the contrary… well they are the only ones that we can with certainty say should be barred.