Wednesday, April 27, 2016

There’s a great way to fight climate change and inequality, but since it leaves profiteers out, it will be opposed

I proposed a new $2 per gallon of gas tax. That, by helping to lower the consumption of gas, and thereby of carbon emissions, should be great in the fight against climate change.

And I also proposed that all revenues from that gas tax, should be paid out equally to all citizens, in a sort of first step of a Universal Basic Income scheme, which should be very good in a fight against inequality.

But, if so good, why are the chances that become a reality so slim? The simple answer is that it would not provide profit opportunities for the climate change and redistribution profiteers.

Friends, if we are serious about fighting climate change and inequality, we must be serious about keeping the profiteers at bay. 

Fighting against climate change and inequality takes a lot of money and, if we also have to satisfy profiteers while fighting, we simply might not have enough money.

PS. A concrete proposal for Mexico