Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A letter to the European Executive Directors of the World Bank Group

Dear Friends

As a former Executive Director at the World Bank; as a Venezuelan citizen of European descent; as a holder of a passport of a European country; and foremost as someone who harbors a deep respect for the international workers and profound concerns about the future of the world at large, I respectfully ask you to consider the following:

No matter how the Chairs at the World Bank's Board of Executive Directors are realigned between countries that are all anchored to their local interests the fact is that the world itself, our planet earth, will never be sufficiently represented.

Given the ever more intensive cross border relations, in so many vital affairs, there is an urgent need to introduce at least some representation of truly global interests and perspectives at the Board; such as those represented by the migrant working communities and which if all added currently represent an economy the size somewhere between India and China.

Unfortunately there is no way something of this nature could be handled expeditiously through a process that requires political negotiations over the whole world; and so in this respect I ask of the European Executive Directors at the World Bank, to take turns lending out, just one year at the time, their respective shares and voting powers in order to accommodate the continuous presence at the Board of the World Bank of a Chair that represents the views and the interests of the migrant working communities.

The previous, which of course does not imply a permanent commitment or a final reallocation of shares, would allow Europe to speedily enact a pilot on global governance that could prove to be extremely valuable for the whole world.

Europe is of course free to use whatever procedure it feels appropriate for naming the Director for the migrant worker's community; and although we would all understand if this at first would perhaps favor the migrant working communities in Europe, or Europe's own migrant worker communities, we sincerely hope that, in time, other parts of the world are also provided an opportunity.

Yours Sincerely

Per Kurowski