Monday, June 10, 2013

Should not capital, under some circumstances, also have the right to political asylum?

Sir, Philip Hildebrand, in “The Sheriff has spoken - and the Swiss must submit” June 10, discusses the recent US “ultimatum giving Swiss banks 120 days to hand over the identities of presumed US tax evaders”. And reaching his conclusion he bring up the image of John Wayne.

But, what if the Sheriff is not a good straight shooter like John Wayne, and the Sheriff works for a bandit? Just as individuals have a right to political asylum, should not capital have it?

Whatever the Swizz legislator comes up when creating the bridges necessary to solve the current impasse I sure hope somewhere somehow sets a very high bar for what a government has to do in terms of governability and fair treatment of its citizens, before it can apply for some information to be conveyed. And of course, what governments need to do in order to keep those rights. For instance some countries to not allow the expulsion of even convicted criminals if that could mean that a death sentence could be imposed on him.

I hope the US, and John Wayne, do not rush into a duel without giving full consideration to all its ramifications. In fact I wonder whether this is really an issue between governments, with their many conflicts of interests. Should it not be much more an issue between the citizens?