Saturday, May 02, 2015

We should dilute the influence of the influencers by increasing the number of those to influence.

Many, Lawrence Lessig included, feel that our political systems have fallen under the reign of “an engine of influence that seeks simply to make those most connected rich.”… And so they are doing their outmost to curtail the influence of the few.

Though I agree with the problem, I do not think that is the sustainable way to solve it.

The modern way, instead of augmenting to number of influential, should be to dramatically increase the number of those who need to be influenced. In other words we need to dilute the power of the few.

For instance, in the US, instead of having 535 senators and congressmen representing each 600,000 persons, there should be 600.000 senators and congressmen representing each one 535 persons.

Current technology allows that!

The more people you represent, the further away you are from representing each one of them.

How many can a congressman represent before he represents no one at all... except himself?

When the US Constitution was enacted the world had about 1.5 billion people... now soon 7.5 billion. Does not the population increase indicate it is time to tweak quite substantially the representation in democracies?