Sunday, June 01, 2014

Should not Google and other public private eyes search our permission before searching us for other to us unknown parties?

I have been giving lots of thought on the whole Google-search-engine issue for quite some years and below you will find some links to that:

But now the following has hit me.

Way back, when about 16 years of age, clearly before I knew what was good for me, (as I might still not know) when in a Swedish high school, a very good one I must say, (SHL Hum SSHL) I got some really lousy grades in German (from Sven Lindestad a.k.a. "Bull")

And now, looking at how good Germany seems to be doing, at least in Europe, I suddenly realized that it might not be in my best interest to have anyone look into my proficiency in German grades.

I know I am talking about events around 47 years ago, so the chances of someone finding those records are very slim indeed… but as some can say "traditions!" other can say "precautions!"

Since Google has now been told by the European Commission to eliminate some embarrassing registers… and it could be somewhat embarrassing for me to ask them to eliminate my high-school grade records… sort of to play it safe, should I not request the European Commission to impose on those public eyes that Google and other search engines have become, the obligation of asking all us individuals for our approval of being searched, before searching us to satisfy the curiosity needs of some usually unidentified third party who is searching us for reasons unknown to us?

I do not think so... but the question should be asked... I think :-) And the European Commission should dare to respond! :-(

PS. By the way at what point could Facebook be labeled a stalker?

PS. When is any social media going to share advertising revenues with those being searched or receiving the ads?