Thursday, April 03, 2014

Who needs a tax or an asset haven the most? The rich or the middle class?

Dear Jo Marie.

The other day, on the radio, I heard the following advice: “If you are going to rent your house, put it in the name of a company and leverage that company up to the tilt with debt. Otherwise the lessee, for whatever happens, might sue you and clean you out.”

Is this not one as good as it comes recommendations to you, the middle class, to find yourself a little safe haven?

The rich can afford things to happen… and so perhaps it is the paying for it all middle class who is in most need of safe havens, of any kind.

As to me, as you know, I wish I lived and paid taxes in a tax paradise

This might not be about the 99% against the 1% but about the 51% against the 49%



Dear Jo Marie

I have a serious problem with the 1%-99% debate!

It is sending message that it is ok to be in the 99%

Because I want my kids, and grandchildren to know, that if they do not make it into the 1% top, I want them to at least make it into the range of 09% 19% 29% 39% 49% top… and absolutely nothing less!