Thursday, May 09, 2013

I tweeted as I have never done before

I have heard and read a bit here and there about “What happened in Benghazi?”, but I do not know sufficiently in order to have a firm opinion on it. Of course, for someone who comes from Venezuela, just the fact that there was a public congressional questioning on that issue, transmitted on TV, was something to marvel at. 

And I might have just been expecting too much, but when I saw one of the questioner, and I will not say who, seemingly doing the utmost to stir the questioning in such a way that nothing could come out of it, then I just felt such a deep disappointment that, like I never do, I shot out a barrage of #Benghazi tweets. 

Now the day after, from some distance, I am not sure I should have done that, though I suspect that, facing the same all over again, I would.